Practical Information

Time and place:

Date: Sunday, July 1, 2018

Place: Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies, Campus Kräftriket, Roslagsvägen 101, Stockholm. Please refer to below for test room (please gather outside the room for general instructions and test voucher checks).

N1:  Asia Library, house 21 A, Second floor.
N2:  House 4A, Third floor, Aula.
N3:  House 4A, Second floor, Room 251.
N4:  House 4B, First floor, Room 116.
N5:  House 4A, Second floor, Room B.

Extra (with Special Testing Accommodations): House 4B, First floor, Room 149

Directions to campus Kräftriket:


Take Bus 50, from T-Centralen, Odenplan or Universitetet, bus 670, 676 or 639, from Tekniska Högskolan, to stop Albano, just outside of campus Kräftriket.

Roslagsbana and subway

Take the Roslagsbana or the subway to station Universitetet. From there it is possible to walk to Campus Kräftriket, approximately 15 minutes, alternatively take bus 50 to stop Albano, just outside of campus Kräftriket.

For more information about public transport and timetables, please refer to


For those driving from Roslagstull, take the first exit on the left, towards Kräftriket. For those driving from the north, take the second exit on the right after passing Stockholm University, towards Kräftriket. There are plenty of parking spaces on the campus.

Things to bring on the test day

JLPT voucher, ID with photo, black pencils (mechanical pencils; HB or NO.2) and erasers.

Attention: If you answered the mark sheet by using other than black pencils, the result score will be 0 because the machine cannot read your answers.

Important information:

  • Cell phones must be turned off during the test (not in silent mode).
  • Bags and jackets should be put in the designated area.
  • Eating or drinking is prohibited during the test. Food and drink should be placed in the designated area, together with bags and jackets.
  • It is unfortunately not possible to purchase food or drinks in campus Kräftriket on the test day. It is therefore advisable to bring food or drinks.

Please read the Test Guide sent with the application documents carefully for additional information regarding the test.

Time schedule

Time for assembling 12:30

*Below, different test time may be applied for those who taking the JLPT with Special Testing Accommodations.

Level Test sections Test time
N1 Vocabulary, grammar & reading 13:00–14:50 (110 min)
Listening 15:20–16:20 (60 min)
N2 Vocabulary, grammar & reading 13:00–14:45 (105 min)
Listening 15:15–16:05 (50 min)
N3 Vocabulary 13:00–13:30 (30 min)
Grammar & reading 13:50–15:00 (70 min)
Listening 15:20–16:00 (40 min)
N4 Vocabulary 13:00–13:30 (30 min)
Grammar & reading 13:50–14:50 (60 min)
Listening 15:10–15:45 (35 min)
N5 Vocabulary 13:00–13:25 (25 min)
Grammar & reading 13:45–14:35 (50 min)
Listening 14:55–15:25 (30 min)